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Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal

Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal for those who are internet enthusiasts, you know that internet funds transaction is a vital part of the process. But still, there is a considerable gap with international money transfer in Nepal. Though PayPal doesn’t support Nepal, Payoneer is doing a great job making the life of Nepali Freelancer easier. Any

eSewa The Unknown Features

eSewa The Unknown Features: Being a Nepali Citizen how many of you use eSewa? I am sure most of you do but, how many of you know the unknown feature of eSewa? I assume, most of you don’t! eSewa is one of the oldest digital wallets in Nepal used by thousands of people all over

eSewa Refer & Earn

eSewa Refer & Earn Program enables eSewa user to refer (Referrer) to buddy or family or saved contacts (Referee). The Referrer will be given a cash reward as defined in those T&C. Users who would like to take part in the Referral Program should concur with those T&C. DEFINITIONS Referral Cash Reward — is a