eSewa The Unknown Features

eSewa The Unknown Features

eSewa The Unknown Features: Being a Nepali Citizen how many of you use eSewa? I am sure most of you do but, how many of you know the unknown feature of eSewa? I assume, most of you don’t!

eSewa is one of the oldest digital wallets in Nepal used by thousands of people all over the country.  It has lots of unknown features that a user can enjoy. On top of that, new features are also added from time to time.

eSewa is a powerful digital wallet that has a lot of potentials. But over 50% of the total user don’t even know about the hidden feature it has.

In this article, we will discuss the unknown features of eSewa that will give users full control over digital transactions.

Cash in and Cash Out

For those who are using eSewa, you already know what cash-in is. But for those who don’t know, cash in is transferring of funds to eSewa wallet.

Most of the time users transfer funds to their wallets through banks. Banks transfer is one of the most popular ways to transfer funds. But there are also ways to transfer cash other than wire or bank transfer.

For those who are not familiar or don’t have internet banking or mobile banking can visit the nearby authorized eSewa cash point to transfer the fund to their wallet. There are no additional fees in doing so.

Whereas Cash out means withdrawing of money. If somebody wants to transfer the cash to their bank account after paying all bills through eSewa. They will need a bank account.

EMI’s and Premium Payment

Unknown features of eSewa that fewer people use include EMI’s and Insurance premiums. In today’s world, most of us have an insurance policy in one or the other way. Buying goods and services with monthly installments has also become a trend.

EMIs and insurance are the services that make our life easy. And eSewa makes it easier by giving you the feature to pay the EMI’s and insurance premium from the comfort of your home.

All you have to do is search for the insurance company or EMI facility to whom you want to make the payment. Fill out the form and proceed. Simple as that. There are over 15 life insurance banks associated with eSewa.


Remittance plays an important role in Nepal. Nepal is one of the top remittance receivers of the world. In the year 2018, Nepal receives over $8 billion from all over the world through various banks and money transfer facilities.

We have lots of remittance service providers in Nepal but there is still a gap. Looking at the gap, eSewa came up with an excellent idea to cover the gap. “eSewa Money Transfer” is the recent service started by eSewa. With this service Nepalese can send money to Nepal with ease and affordable manner.

There are over 2500 private payout agents, 4600 banks and financial institutions and 1400 cooperates all over Nepal. Now with the help of eSewa Money Transfer, anybody can withdraw the money in a matter of a minute.

Payment on Daraz

I am sure most of you have heard of Daraz which is an online store in Nepal. If you remember, at the initial stage of the Daraz store you can only make the payment through your debit card or credit card.

Now with the collaboration of eSewa and Daraz, the payment method has become way easier than ever imagined. But before you make a purchase through eSewa make sure you have enough amount in your eSewa account.

Co-operative Withdrawal

eSewa is one of the best E-wallets in Nepal focused solely on individual use and transactions. But recently a new feature has arrived on eSewa arsenal. With this service, any cooperative business or organization can do a cooperative withdrawal.

Companies can withdraw transfer funds and withdraw funds within the Co-operative banks of the eSewa network. Other corporate benefit includes interbank fund transfer, batch transaction, and real-time processing and transaction.

Using corporate eSewa differs from personal use. For corporate use, the business entity should meet some requirements such as.

  1. A business entity must have a business registration certificate and PAN card.
  2. AML CFT form is a must.
  3. A business entity should submit a tripartite agreement.
  4. Debit authority letter to bank that has a PSO license.
  5. Digital certificate on the device to be used.

Load Via Card

Are you looking for a reliable and easy way to load funds to your eSewa account? If yes, load via card is a new unknown feature of eSewa that makes funds loading easier. Using your debit or credit cards you can add funds to your eSewa in a few clicks.

All you have to do is log in to your eSewa account. Click on add funds and add your debit card and transfer your fund. But make sure you use the Nepalese domestic visa/master card. It could be both a credit and a debit card. You can load 10000Npr per transaction, 25000Npr per day, and 50000Npr per year.

 Create Customer

Create Customer is one of the best schemes if you want to make money on eSewa.  eSewa gives each user an opportunity to make some cash out of eSewa. All you have to do is create new customers.

So, how do you create customers? Simple, invite your friends and family members and help them open a new account.  You can literally create an account of anybody until and unless they promise to be a regular user of eSewa.

eSewa activates the create customer scheme every Saturday and Sunday. It doesn’t mean you can’t register a user on other days of the week. You can register on any day of the week but they will count the registration on Saturday and Sunday of each week.

When you register a user, you get Rs. 5 and once you submit their documents, you get up to Rs. 15. Once the user cash in at least Rs. 100, you will get another Rs. 10. In total, you can earn Rs.30 per new user.

And if you happen to be the top 5 customer creator eSewa will award you with 1000 reward points. So it’s a win-win scheme. You have nothing to lose.

Bus Ticketing Feature of eSewa

eSewa is one unique service in Nepal that is trying to make the life of Nepali’s easier. Now with eSewa you not only can book hotels and plane tickets but you can also book Bus tickets online.

Gone are the days when you stand in a queue to book a bus ticket. You can now book tickets and pay them through eSewa from the comfort of your home.  You will get real-time information on seat availability and ticket price on BusSewa’s website.

With BusSewa’s website, you can book tickets from various bus operators services such as Dhaulagiri Yatayat, Myadgi Korala, Sajha Yatayat, Rudrashya Yatayat, and many more.

Stock and Share Trading

For those who are into stock and share trading can also take significant advantage of eSewa features that are unknown to most of the public. You can renew your Mero share account or DMAT or both with eSewa. Or if you want to buy a Merolagani course online, you can pay with eSewa.

You will be charge 100Npr for renewing the MeroShare account as a fee. Whereas, for DMAT its 50Npr.

Broker or Agent Payment

Millions of Nepali’s working abroad send money to Nepal every year. Nepali abroad use both legal and illegal ways to send money. Using the legal way is fine but the illegal way has a high rate of risk.

eSewa gives the customer a simple way to transfer money to a broker, remittance, Co-operative, and other similar nature of businesses. No matter where the broker is in the world If he/she uses eSewa you can easily transfer the funds.

For every broker or agent bank transfer, a commission will be credited to broker from the gross amount. Depending on the funds you transfer the commission will be deducted.

Counter Deposit Feature Of eSewa

A counter deposit is one of the easiest ways to transfer funds to the eSewa account. Yes, you can transfer funds through banks, Credit card/Debit card but if you have cash and want to load to your eSewa wallet, Counter deposit is the best option.

All you have to do is,

A) Visit any nearby counter deposit eSewa partner banks.

B) Fill out the form as you will do in a normal bank. The format might vary.

C) Hand over the cash and form to the teller.

The fund will be loaded to your eSewa wallet with no extra fee charged.

Skrill to eSewa

Skrill is one of the most used online payment platforms next to PayPal. And it is widely used by freelancers from all over the world. If you are a Nepali freelance, I am sure you have a Skrill account with some cash on it.

Now with eSewa, you can easily transfer your Skrill funds to your eSewa wallet. Transferring funds from Skrill to eSewa is faster, reliable, and convenient compared to traditional methods.

How to Transfer Fund from Skrill to eSewa? Follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – Open your Skrill account and click on mobile wallets provided on the feature menu section.

Step 2 – Add eSewa as a mobile wallet.

Step 3 – Go to the withdraw option and click the wallet withdrawal option.

Step 4 – To proceed the withdrawal enter your date of birth and hit continue.

Step 5 – Done! They will transfer your Skrill fund to your eSewa wallet on a given date.

eSewa Privilege

eSewa also gives privilege to a user if they enroll for a privilege scheme. You can get the eSewa privilege offer at 180Npr. Mention below is the privilege that you’ll get when you enroll for the eSewa privilege scheme.

  • Cashback – As soon as you pay for the eSewa Privilege you will get 15Npr instantly as cashback.
  • Dami Music Premium Pack – When you enroll for the privilege you will get a week premium membership on Dami Music App for free.
  • Online Consultation for COVID-19 – One of the best advantages of this privilege is that you will get online consultation from the top doctor on COVID-19 for free for 1 month.
  • Discount on Lab Test – You can also get a discount of Rs.2680 for your lab test. But there is a condition. The offer is eligible only in Bidhana health care.
  • Health Care Cash Fund – With eSewa privilege you can get up to Rs. 1000 per day for your treatment in case of an emergency. But to avail of the offer, you will have to be admitted to the Nepali government hospital. The maximum amount that a user can get is up to Rs. 10000
  • Life Insurance – eSewa Privilege also gives you a life insurance policy offers with the cash amount ranging up to 100000Npr. In case of accidental death, the user’s family is allowed to claim the insurance with the conditions applied.

eSewa is one of the best digital wallets in Nepal. Now and then, eSewa keeps announcing lots of offers and schemes. And to take advantage of it you have to register and use eSewa. 


These were some unknown features of eSewa most people don’t know about. There are more unknown features like Co-operative withdrawal, create customer, Bus ticketing, broker payment, counter deposit, and Skrill to eSewa to mention some.

eSewa is one unique platform that covers a range of facilities to make the life of Nepalese easier. eSewa is constantly evolving and we hope to see more amazing features in the coming year as the world country gets more digital.

If you haven’t installed eSewa it’s high time that you install and start using. I bet it will make your life easier.

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