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What Is A Recurring Deposit Account

Are you looking for an investment plan? If yes, we have good news for you. Have you heard of Recurring Deposit Account? I am sure most of you have heard about it, but have paid little attention to it. We all know banks are evolving every year. Banks are coming up with new schemes every

How To Choose The Correct Bank Account Type

The Correct Bank Account Type: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of opening a bank account? I guess the first thing you will be typing on google is, how to choose the correct bank account type that meets your requirements? The world is globalizing faster than ever. Every

Best Savings Account in Nepal

Best Savings Account: We all know banks have been increasingly important in our society. It not only plays an important role on an individual level but it also makes a great impact on the country’s economy. We as a customer of banks are on a continuous lookout for the best saving accounts. Yes, we all

Home Loans in Nepal

Home Loans in Nepal: In today’s banking world, home loans have become quite a normal day-to-day activity. The banks give out billions of money to the public as home loans every year. The demand for home loan services keeps increasing as more people dream of owning a house. This home loan service has been in

Development Banks in Nepal

Development Banks in Nepal: Banks are an important part of a country’s economy. There are distinct types of bank and each has its own purpose, commitments, and aims. The development bank in Nepal is one such financial institute that takes a lot of effort and commitment to push the country’s economy to the next level.

Nepal Banks Swift Codes

Nepal Banks Swift Codes: The SWIFT stands for Society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication communication code. Its an internationally recognized identification code for banks around the world. Swift code is most commonly used for international wire transfer and which is a combined of 11 alphanumeric characters. The ISO international standard organization was the authoritative body

How To Open A Foreign Currency Account in Nepal

Foreign currency account in Nepal: An account where we deposit, withdraw, or transaction rather than Nepalese rupees is known as (FCY) foreign currency account. The banks are permitted by Nepal Rastra bank to open foreign currency accounts like Dollar, Euro, Canadian, Australian, Pound sterling, Japanese yen, and many more other currencies accounts on customer demand.


ConnectIPS is service offered by Nepal Clearing House which allows us to transfer money directly from our bank account to own bank account or to someone else bank account. Transfer offer by IPS are bank to wallet (khalti & IME pay), wallet to wallet, credit card payment, government payment, Dmat Fee Payment, Share Fee Payment

Debit Cards in Nepal Which Is The Best

Debit Cards In Nepal: If you are going to open a new bank account here in Nepal, first you have to know how you can withdraw your money. Basically, there are two options one is checkbook & another is debit cards. A checkbook is a good option with some limitations & restrictions.  The first one