Khalti Get 25% Cashback For Life Time At Zero Balance

Khalti cashback

Khalti is one of the leading online payment gateways of Nepal. It is playing a huge role in making Nepali people’s life easier. Khalti as a mobile wallet that can be used from anywhere in the world to pay bills in Nepal.

Khalti allows users to make payments for a wide range of services. A user can pay his/her utility bills, can book a hotel, book a movie ticket, and can make payment for the domestic flight tickets and more.

As the world gets better in adopting the digital age, more services are being added to Khalti now and then. This online digital wallet is becoming very popular among Nepali merchants. They need not go to banks to withdraw money to make payments. With the help of Khalti, they can close the deal with just a click.

Talking about the origin of Khalti. It was first launched in January 2017. Since then it’s growing faster than expected. Today most of the urban areas of Nepal use Khalti and slowly it is also making its way to rural parts of Nepal.

The parent company of Khalti is Janaki Technology which is a pioneer software company of Nepal operating since 2010. But the app is owned and operated by Sparrow Pay Pvt. Ltd. It has also won a lot of awards for its unique services. In 2017 it won the global contest of Google Business Group Storytelling.

Khalti has also taken an initiative to educate the migrant worker of Nepal about the digital wallet and online financial platform with the help of the Shuvayatra App. It also runs Smart Chhori Campaign to bring the woman and girls out of poverty.

How To Get Unlimited Cashback on Khalti

First, You have to create an account at khalti from here and get verified. After getting verified you have to call khalti customer care, to enable the business account.

Now you have been log out from khalti by the system. Login to khalti again, you will see one more button named Business. Click at the Business button.

You have to fulfill all the details of your business correctly & upload the necessary documents. Again, they will verify the information if each information goes correct then your account is converted as Khalti Pasal.

Now you are eligible to earn an unlimited commission from khalti. You have referred to friends, family members, relatives, or someone else to join khalti.

If they join and verified their account with your link and make any transition on utility payment. You will get a commission of 25% each time for your whole life.

Services By Khalti

  • Mobile Recharge and Top – Khalti gives you the option to recharge your cell phone from the comfort of your home. You need not go to the shop to buy a card to refill your cell calling balance.
    It supports all major networks of Nepal such as Namaste, Ncell, Smart Cell, and UTL Nepal. 
  • DTH recharge – Similar to mobile recharge you can also recharge your DTH with the help of this app or website.
  • Internet Bill – How many of you have a WIFI connection at your home? I’m sure most of you do. Do you still go to the service provider office to pay the bill? If yes, you are wasting your time and as well khalti cashback.

    It’s an internet age, make use of the services that are given to you for free. With Khalti you can pay your internet bill online regardless of which service provider you use.

    It supports World Link, Vianet, Subisu, ADSL, Classic Tech, Itel Communication.
  • Landline Bills – Do you love cashback? If yes, next time you pay your landline bills make sure to use Khalti. For every transaction you make, it gives you up to 2% cashback.
  • Electricity Bill – The first thing that comes to mind of most people when they look at the electric bill is a long queue they have to stand to pay the bill.

    Why bother standing in the queue when you can pay the bill from the comfort of your home.
  • Drinking-Water Bill – Similar to electricity bill you can also pay drinking water bills from your mobile with few clicks.
  • Insurance – Most of us are insured in some way. Be it bike insurance, home insurance, or life insurance. No matter what types of insurance you have, you have to pay the premium.
  • Flight, Movie, Hotel, Ride, Events – Gone are the day when you have to buy a physical ticket for flights, movies, or events. With app and websites like Khalti, you can book any tickets from your phones.

    Even it gives you khalti cashback up to 600 for every flight ticket you buy. 1% cashback for movie tickets, 15% cashback for hotel, 5% cashback for ride-sharing, and 50% cashback for events tickets.

These are some of the best services and features you’ll get from Khalti if you use it. In the coming future, they will add more services as per the request of the user. With this online wallet, you can make your life way easier than you think.

Comparison With eSewa

As Khalti is a dedicated online wallet for Nepali users the only competitor of Khalti is eSewa. Though both services provide similar types of service, they are both unique in their way. Here is a complete comparison of the two most popular online wallet of Nepal.

         Online Wallet                                    Khalti                                                eSewa                                                     

PlatformAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOS
Users Count100000+500000+
Registration ChargeFreeFree
Associate BanksOver 40Over 40
User EngagementHighLow
Scheme RateHighLow
Refer and EarnYes (khalti Pasal)Yes
Scan and PayYesYes
Coupon OfferYesYes
Offline PayYesYes
Topup & LandlineYesYes
DTH rechargeYesYes
Internet BillYesYes
Insurance PaymentYes (Limited)Yes (cover large section)
Movie TicketYes (Limited)Yes (cover large section)

This is a comparison between the two leading online wallets of Nepal. Though Khalti might be still in an infancy stage. It’s unique service and customer support is winning over the heart of thousands of Nepali peoples. Compared to eSewa, Khalti has more user engagement. And this one factor is enough to make Khalti the next best online wallet of Nepal.

Khalti also gives its users lots of schemes by which they can redeem cashback, coupons, and offers. Some popular schemes are KYC verification bonus, Khalti Quiz, etc.


At the end of the day, it’s all about user experience. It’s all about how user-friendly the app or website interface is? How good the customer support is?

App likes Khutruke, iPay, qPay are some other online wallets in Nepal. But most of you might not have even heard of it. Some wallets are older than Khalti but still, it cannot shine out as Khalti.

Khalti is one unique online service that has gained success in a short period of time. And has become one of the toughest competitors to eSewa.

This was a brief article on Khalti. I’m sure by now you got the basic understanding of what Khalti is and what are the services it provides. Now it’s your turn to download the app and make your life easier by making your payment method from offline to online. Pay your bills now.

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