Best Savings Account in Nepal

Best Savings Account: We all know banks have been increasingly important in our society. It not only plays an important role on an individual level but it also makes a great impact on the country’s economy.

We as a customer of banks are on a continuous lookout for the best saving accounts. Yes, we all love to save our hard-earned money. And when the savings bring us extra cash of interest, that’s like a piece of double cherry on top of a cake.

For those in Nepal, if you are looking for the best savings account in Nepal you don’t want to miss this post.

In terms of basic checking and saving accounts, Nepal has a relatively healthy banking system compared to neighboring countries. But for complex loan schemes, Nepal still needs to level up.

Accounts like Nepal Investment Bank’s Term Deposits, Rashtriya Banijya’s Saving Account, Mega’s Lokapriya Bachat Khata Account, and Nabil Bank’s Shareholder Savings Account are some of the best saving accounts in Nepal.

But remember, all this account has at least one of more limitations in it. As per our research, the best saving account in Nepal is Sanima Dirghayu Bachat Khata.

Introduction to Sanima Bank

Sanima Bank is one of the leading “A” Class Commercial Bank in Nepal. The bank started its operation back in the year 2004 as a National Level Development bank. And in 2012, the bank reached a new milestone which makes it one of the ‘A’ class commercial banks in Nepal.

The vision of the bank is to be the leading game player in Nepal in the banking sector. To make the vision come true Sanima Bank is integrating new schemes. Today it provides a complete financial solution to customers from all walks of life.

If you want a savings account, they have it. Education loan they have it. Personal loan or gold loan, you can trust them.

Compared to any other scheme within the banks, Sanima Dirghayu Bachat Khatais the best saving account Sanima Bank Account provides. Other banks like Nabil and Rastriya Banijya also provide savings accounts, but none are as transparent and convenient as Sanima Dirghayu Bachat Khata.

Features of Sanima Dirghayu Bachat Khata

Sanima Dirghayu Bachat Khata is a scheme is applicable to all savings accounts in Sanima Bank.

The best thing about this account is, it not only offers a higher rate of interest compared to other banks but also offers customers with annual health checkup packages and insurance coverage benefits.

Here are some features that you will get with Sanima Dirghayu Bachat Khata.

  • The interest rate is a minimum of 6.50% per annum.
  • You can open a savings account with a 10000 balance, which is comparatively lower compared to other banks.
  • Interest payment frequency is quarterly which is better than other banks. Most of the banks pay you interest yearly or once in 2 to 3 years.
  • With this account, you get a free health checkup for up to 5000NPR yearly.
  • 50000 for medical insurance in case of hospitalizations in Nepal and India.
  • NPR1000000 in case of death or permanent disability (Accidental insurance).
  • This scheme also covers 6 critical illnesses under health insurance. You will get up to 300000NPR.
  • Life insurance covers NPR 25000.
  • Compared to other banks Sanima Dirghayu Bachat Khata gives its customer 30 days waiting period to claim the insurance.
  • Siddhartha Insurance Co. Ltd is a leading insurance company partner with Sanima Bank. So you need not worry about the insurance claim.
  • For medical purposes, you can visit any Mediciti, Grande Hospital, and Grande City Clinic for a health checkup. With Sanima Dirghayu Bachat Khata you are under a safe roof.
  • The best thing about insurance is, they cover accidental insurance worldwide. Whereas they cover medical insurance only in Nepal and India.
  • You will reimburse the amount you spend on health checkups within two weeks from the day of the transaction made.
  • Every one year you can claim insurance and take health checkups from the health center.

These are some features as Sanima Bank promises. If you make a quick comparison with other banks. You will find that Sanima Dirghayu Bachat Khata gives you more advantages over other banks. This makes Sanima Dirghayu Bachat Khata the best savings account in Nepal.

Are you Eligible? What is the eligibility of Sanima Dirghayu Bachat Khata?

Opening a saving account is similar across all banks but the eligibility varies from bank to bank. Keeping it easy and transparent Sanima Bank does not require any complicated paperwork.

Like any other savings account, you can open a savings account with Sanima with a simple process. But if you are an existing customer, you will need to convert your normal savings account to Sanima Dirghayu Bachat Khata to take the benefit of accidental insurance, medical insurance, and an Annual health check-up plan.

However, keep in mind that you can avail the annual health check only after 6 months from account opening or conversion with a minimum balance of NPR500000 in your account.

If you use the health check-up before 6 months you won’t get any reimbursement. Wait for the bank to notify you of the eligibility for the health checkups scheme.

Comparison Between Sanima Dirghayu Bachat Khata and Other Saving Accounts

Earlier in the article, I have mention 4 saving account such as

  1. Nabil Bank’s Shareholder Saving Account.
  2. Everest Special Saving Account.
  3. Rashtriya Banijya’s Savings Account.
  4. Nepal Investment Bank’s Term Deposit.

Let’s do a comparison between Sanima Dirghayu Bachat Khata and these savings accounts.

Sn.Comparison Sanima Account Nabil AccountEverest AccountRashtriya AccountNepal Investment Ac
1Interest Rate 4.5% Quarterly3.5% pa (Must be a shareholder of the bank)4% pa4% Depending on the deposit product4.25% pa Depending on the deposit product
2Accidental Insurance (In case of Death & permanent disabilities)10,00,000NPR357000 with term life Insurance of NPR 750005,00,000NilNil
3Medical Insurance NPR50000Nil1,00,000NilNil
4Annual Health Checkup5,000NilNilNilNil
5Critical Illness Insurance3,00,000NPR 300000 with term life Insurance of NPR 75000NilNilNil
6Life Insurance Cover25000NilNilNilNil
7Minimum Balance 100003500010000 to 25000Affordable BalanceNPR333

If you look at the chart, you will see Sanima Bank gives its customers more facilities than any other reputed bank in Nepal. As of now, Sanima Dirghayu Bachat Khata is the best saving account in Nepal as per our research and analysis.


Depending on your requirement you will find 100’s banks in Nepal. But not all the advertising the bank does are transparent when you go to the bank.

It’s always a wise move to do a little research on the bank you want to save your money. Some might give you a higher interest rate but they might lack clean customer service or other schemes. While some banks might have a low-interest rate but good facilities.

It’s up to you what you’re looking for. As per our analysis, Sanima savings account is the best savings account in Nepal.

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