Debit Cards in Nepal Which Is The Best

Debit Cards In Nepal
Debit Cards In Nepal

Debit Cards In Nepal: If you are going to open a new bank account here in Nepal, first you have to know how you can withdraw your money. Basically, there are two options one is checkbook & another is debit cards. A checkbook is a good option with some limitations & restrictions.  The first one is you have to fill all the credentials correctly without a single mistake the second one is the most important, the signature should match perfectly. You have to visit the bank in office hours with your identity proof if the amount is higher. This is the traditional way of withdrawal used by the most citizen of our country.

But now the time has been changed became faster & smarter. Nowadays most of the account holders started using debit cards. Because it’s very simple, secure, handy, and useful in daily life. With the use of a debit card now you can shop, buy and withdraw anywhere anytime. You can purchase online, payment at a restaurant, buy groceries at malls, and even payments at a local shop. Now you can recharge your mobile number through Ncell apps. You can also load funds to eSewa, Khalti, and various wallets as well. Before purchasing online make sure your card has been activated for online purchase. If not kindly request the concerned Bank for activation of (e-com) service.

The most famous cards are available in VISA, MASTERCARD, UNION, AMERICAN EXPRESS, & SCT. Keep in mind this is just a brand or company which provides the cards & services. Now don’t waste your time coming to the points which are the best debit cards in Nepal?

Best Visa Debit Card in Nepal by Transaction Fee

If you are a regular user of the debit card then it’s better to use NMB bank’s delight visa debit card. This NMB card is free of transaction charge while using any ATMs in Nepal. Also, this NMB card is charging less fee while withdrawal in India which is around Rs 150 Nepalese rupees only. This card cost you annually Rs 500 Nepalese rupees.

The second option is SANIMA visa debit card which is also free of charge while using it in major banks of Nepal. There are more than 20 major banks where that work perfectly. This card cost you annually Rs 250 Nepalese rupees only. At first, they charged 750 for three years compulsory.

The third option is the NIC Asia debit card, this card is also free of transaction charge to any ATMs of Nepal. To use this no transaction charge benefits you must have or you have to change your account type to “New Premium Sammunati Bachat Khata” in NIC Asia bank by contacting your nearest branch. This card also cost you annually Rs 350 Nepalese rupees only.

Master Card & Other Brand Cards

Debit Cards In Nepal: If you are searching for master card there is one option which is Himalayan Bank Ltd. Himalayan bank is providing as well visa card, master card, SCT card, UnionPay & American express. it’s only one bank of Nepal which is offering these all brand debit, credit & prepaid cards.


NMB debit card is best because it supports almost all ATMs in Nepal.

SANIMA debit card is good its support the maximum number of ATMs in Nepal

NIC ASIA debit card is also a good option but it supports the minimum number of ATMs of Nepal.

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