eSewa Refer & Earn


eSewa Refer & Earn Program enables eSewa user to refer (Referrer) to buddy or family or saved contacts (Referee). The Referrer will be given a cash reward as defined in those T&C. Users who would like to take part in the Referral Program should concur with those T&C.


Referral Cash Reward — is a cash reward received by the referrer upon referral program.
Transaction — Any payment made into the eSewa registered Merchant.
Inactive eSewa User — eSewa User who has not done any transaction for 45 days.
Referrer — is a documented eSewa user that describes a different person (Referee)
Referee — is an individual that received a referral in the Referrer.


  1. Refer a friend (from mobile application only) and receive a referral cash reward upto Rs. 30 in every referral.
  2. Referral message is sent by eSewa about the behalf of referrer.
  3. The referral SMS delivered to the referee contains a referral link that is valid for 7 days; during that time no additional eSewa consumer will have the ability to send a referral SMS to the stated referee. The referee may click on the said link and be able to complete their landmark as well as the referrer shall make the referral reward to the particular milestone. Upon expiry, other eSewa consumers will be able to send a referral to the referee, which will also have 7-day limitation.
  4. Any abuse or fraud concerning the program is subject to rigorous legal or administrative actions by us, including but not limited to a change of referral reward or conclusion of involvement. When a user is located referring to himself using several IDs.
  5. The referrer can receive Referral Cash Rewards in the following way:

In case of Registration:
The referrer gets Rs. 5 if all of the below conditions are fulfilled:

  • a. The referee has not yet enrolled at eSewa.
  • b. The referee has registered from the cell number in which referrer has sent the referral message.
  • c. The referee needs to click the link delivered through SMS

In the case of Load:
The referrer has Rs. 15 if all of under conditions are fulfilled:

  • a. The referee is your eSewa registered user also hasn’t added finance in eSewa wallet out of any origin
  • b. The referee must load at least Rs. 100 from any source i.e. Mobile Banking/Internet Banking/Counter Deposit/ Agent/P2P.
  • c. The referee must click on the link sent through SMS.

In the Event of Transaction
The referrer gets Rs. 10, if all under conditions are fulfilled:

  • a. The referee is the eSewa registered user that has never done any transaction until referral message has been sent or is in inactive eSewa user standing.
  • b. The referee must perform a trade of at least Rs. 100.
  • c. The referee has to click on the link sent through SMS.

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FCM will be sent to the sender Once accepted by the referee

  1. ESewa reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel, upgrade or withdraw the Program at any given time without notice. Upon such premature torment, annoyance, cessation, withdrawal, termination or closed by the Company, no person shall be qualified to claim loss of any sort whatsoever.
  2. Users can select out from”Refer and Earn” at any time. User should email to”csd@esewa.com.np” to select out from the support and delete all of the stored data from the database.