Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal

Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal

Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal for those who are internet enthusiasts, you know that internet funds transaction is a vital part of the process. But still, there is a considerable gap with international money transfer in Nepal.

Though PayPal doesn’t support Nepal, Payoneer is doing a great job making the life of Nepali Freelancer easier. Any freelancer or business owner can order Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal.

Payoneer is one of the best E-commerce payment gateways for third world countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri-lanka, Pakistan, etc. If you are looking for a free international Mastercard, Payoneer is your option.

Payoneer services include international bank account, Payoneer MasterCard, and receive money from local banks.

Why We Need Payoneer Mastercard

Like any ATM card, be it MasterCard or Visa card. Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal gives you the flexibility to manage your international money transactions.

Payoneer Mastercard works like any other local ATM card. The only difference is you can’t use some of the local ATM everywhere. In comparison, you can use Payoneer Mastercard internationally wherever Mastercard is accepted as a form of payment.

In simple words, Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard works like any other MasterCard of Nepal. You can use it to make payment for online purchases and physical stores too. You can withdraw cash at any ATM’s.

For the people of Nepal, opening a US-based bank account is out of the question. But Payoneer allows you to own US-based account and make the transaction anywhere in the world.

Owning a Payoneer account and Payoneer Mastercard sets you free from boundaries. You need not worry about international business in terms of money transactions.

The best part about Payoneer Mastercard is it’s free. You need not pay a penny for the card. All you have to do is order the Card with your correct local address. And it will be delivered to you.

The only drawback is you can’t use Payoneer Mastercard on online gambling websites.

What We Get With Payoneer

Particularly for Nepalis, owning a Payoneer Mastercard opens up doors to do international businesses. It opens up a whole new level of international transactions.

Below is the list of things you will get, or you can do once you get your Payoneer Mastercard.

  • If you are an affiliate marketer, you will get the payment to your Payoneer MasterCard from multiple affiliate networks.
  • With Payoneer MasterCard and account, your payment gets quicker. On top of that, the fee structure is less compared to other online payment gateways.
  • With Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal, you get your cash in hand faster than PayPal or any other alternative payment gateway.
  • When you try to withdraw funds to your local bank from Payoneer, the withdrawal limit is $200 to $300 depending on each country. But, Payoneer Mastercard gives you the option to withdraw money below the withdrawal limit.
  • With Payoneer Mastercard, it gets easier for freelancers to withdraw money from some top freelancing websites. Payoneer is integrated with Freelancer, oDesk, Elance, Fiverr, Guru, etc.
  • Another best thing about Payoneer is it is a US payment service. So, using a Payoneer Mastercard, you can withdraw money from PayPal using the Payoneer Card.
  • If you are in business with US companies that accept US accounts, you can request payment through Payoneer Mastercard. You can also receive money from Facebook, Yahoo, and Google if you are working with them.
  • Pay your domain, hosting, anti-virus fees with Payoneer Mastercard. You can also use to purchase products from Amazon, eBay and other online stores.

These are some benefits you will get with Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal. Payoneer opens up a full possibility when it comes to money transactions not only in Nepal but all over the world.

How To Load And Withdraw Fund From Payoneer Mastercard

Payoneer gives its users lots of options to load and withdraw funds from Payoneer Mastercard.

First, let’s talk about how to load funds.

There are two options to load funds to Payoneer Mastercard.

  • Immediate Load – In this method, funds are added to your MasterCard in less than two hours.
  • Standard Load – This is a method where it takes two or more days to load funds to your Mastercard.

Note that you will need a balance in your Payoneer account to load funds to your card. Every time you receive a payment through Payoneer. Payoneer will send you an email with instructions to transfer funds to your card.

It’s up to you how you want to transfer your fund to your Payoneer Mastercard. Each loading option has different fee charges. See the fee details next to each loading option.

You can’t load funds to your Payoneer Mastercard via your local bank account or digital wallet. You should either receive funds from Payoneer Partner Marketplace or receive funds from another Payoneer user.

Once you receive your payment in your Payoneer account, go to your transaction tab in your Payoneer account and load fund. They will load the fund to your Payoneer card in a few hours.

If you want the fund to load to your Payoneer Card automatically, you will need to change some settings to your Payoneer account.

  • Login to your account and go to setting.
  • Select Payoneer Card and locate the card whose setting you want to change.
  • Click on the top-up card option and click save. Once you save the setting, the funds will automatically load to your Payoneer card.

 Withdrawing Fund from Payoneer Mastercard

Withdrawing funds from Payoneer Mastercard is as easy as withdrawing money from a local ATM.  But make sure you have funds loaded to your Payoneer Mastercard.

To withdraw funds from your Payoneer account, you have two options. You can either use your card or transfer it to your local bank account.

For both the withdrawal option, you will need to log in to your Payoneer account to transfer the funds manually.

  • Log in to your Payoneer account.
  • On the menu bar, you will find an option “Withdraw.” Click on it and go to “Bank Account.”
  • Once you click the Bank account option, you’ll get two options a) Bank account and b) Payoneer Card option.
  • Choose the Card if you want to withdraw with a Card or your local bank account.
  • Enter the withdrawal amount and confirm the withdrawal. That’s it.

Your fund will be transferred to your Card. Go to the nearby ATM and withdraw your money.

How To Apply For Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard

To apply for a Payoneer Mastercard, you will need a Payoneer account. I am sure you already have one. If not create a free payoneer account. In this article, I won’t be covering how to create a Payoneer account because that is a different topic. We will solely focus on Payoneer Mastercard.

So, how do you apply for a Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal? Simple, follow the steps given below.

  1. Login to your account.
  2. On the top menu, you will find the option “Order Card.”  Don’t panic if you don’t see the “Order card” option. For some new accounts, it doesn’t show up instantly. They will update it in 10 to 15 days.

If your account is new, make sure to complete at least a $30 transaction with your Payoneer account to be on the safe side. You will only be able to order cards once you receive a minimum of $30 to your Payoneer account.

  1. If you have completed the transaction, click on “Order Card.”
  2. On the order card page, select the currency you prefer, enter the correct shipping address, and tick all the three “I agree” mark box and order. You have successfully ordered your brand new Payoneer Mastercard.
  3. Check your email from Payoneer to check further instruction and delivery date.

Ordering Payoneer Master is easier than you think. You only have to make sure you don’t give a wrong shipping address. The rest leave it on Payoneer. They will do the work for you.

Sometimes they might ask you to provide a national ID. So, make sure you have all the required documents with you.

It will take roughly 3 to 4 weeks for the Payoneer Mastercard to reach Nepal. So, don’t panic if you don’t get an email from Payoneer. Once the card is shipped, you will get an email from them. And from time to time, Payoneer will keep you updated about the shipping process and progress.

Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard Fees and Expiry

Similar to any other ATM cards, Payoneer also charges fees for every Payoneer Mastercard annually, and there is also an expiry date for each card.

Speaking about the general transfer fee, Payoneer charges a flat $3 per transfer. And for prepaid Mastercard, they charge a flat $29.95 annually.

Payoneer Fee Structure

  • There is no charge when you get paid from a Payoneer customer in USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY.
  • If you add a local bank account denominated in EUR, GBP, and JPY, AUD, and MXN, and if you receive the payment in these currencies, you won’t be charged. However, if you receive the amount in USD, you will be charged 0-1% in fees.
  • If you use Payoneer billing service to request a direct payment, your customer or client has to pay a 3% fee if they use a credit card for payment and 1% if the payment is settled by eCheck.
  • Local Bank withdrawal is free.
  • Withdrawing money from a bank account denominated in USD, EUR, or GBP will include fees. The fees could be $1 to $2.
  • For the ATM transaction, you will charge a flat $3 if you use Payoneer for withdrawal.
  • Depending on which country you live, they may charge you for landing fees, processing fees, and even intermediary fees.

Talking about the expiry of Payoneer Mastercard, the validity period is three years. Like any other ATM card, you will need to renew your Payoneer card every three years.

Every Payoneer cardholder will get an option to order a new card before 90 days from the date of card expiration. You will need to order a new card from your account setting options.

Must-know Tips for Using Payoneer Prepaid Card

  • Keep track of your card history.
  • Don’t lose your Payoneer Card. Keep it safe. Ordering a new card is easy, but ordering a lost card needs lots of paperwork and formalities.
  • Request complete withdrawal If you happen to close your Payoneer Mastercard.
  • Beware of chargeback. Always read and understand the term and condition before you purchase anything with Payoneer Card.


This is it! This is what you need to know about Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal. Payoneer and Payoneer Mastercard have made the life of freelancers easier all over the world.

Particularly for freelancers who are from the third world countries like Nepal, Pakistan, and Srilanka.

Payoneer processes all types of online payment. You can start with less than $30 with Payoneer Mastercard. The process to order a Payoneer card is more accessible than opening local bank account, but still, most people think its rocket science.

If you are a freelancer or a business owner from Nepal doing business with US clients or clients from any part of the world, Payoneer is the best option for you. Payoneer Mastercard makes it much easier for you to do business with clients all over the world.

Create a Payoneer account now, order a Mastercard, and start transacting.

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