How The Dollar Became So Powerful Currency

The Dollar is the official currency of the United States and its territories, but, also, some other countries use it as their official currency too. In fact, the U.S. dollar is known as the world’s reserve currency. More than $1.8 trillion of U.S. currency is now in circulation around the world, and it’s believed that

Nepal Banks Swift Codes

Nepal Banks Swift Codes: The SWIFT stands for Society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication communication code. Its an internationally recognized identification code for banks around the world. Swift code is most commonly used for international wire transfer and which is a combined of 11 alphanumeric characters. The ISO international standard organization was the authoritative body

What Is Stock Exchange And How Its Works

What is stock exchange: Stocks are just another way of saying “shares”. Sometimes it’s called equity too. So, you may see it referred to as the Equity market. But basically, what we buy or sell here is shares of a company. You see, when a company wants to expand, they can loan money to raise

How To Open A Foreign Currency Account in Nepal

Foreign currency account in Nepal: An account where we deposit, withdraw, or transaction rather than Nepalese rupees is known as (FCY) foreign currency account. The banks are permitted by Nepal Rastra bank to open foreign currency accounts like Dollar, Euro, Canadian, Australian, Pound sterling, Japanese yen, and many more other currencies accounts on customer demand.

Recharge Cards Replaced By Online Recharge

 Recharge Cards: The Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers have directed all the telecom companies to close the Kathmandu valley and then the country’s recharge card of the country and to recharge the electricity system through the system.  ‘The facility of the recharge card to provide the services of the telecom companies to their


ConnectIPS is service offered by Nepal Clearing House which allows us to transfer money directly from our bank account to own bank account or to someone else bank account. Transfer offer by IPS are bank to wallet (khalti & IME pay), wallet to wallet, credit card payment, government payment, Dmat Fee Payment, Share Fee Payment

eSewa Refer & Earn

eSewa Refer & Earn Program enables eSewa user to refer (Referrer) to buddy or family or saved contacts (Referee). The Referrer will be given a cash reward as defined in those T&C. Users who would like to take part in the Referral Program should concur with those T&C. DEFINITIONS Referral Cash Reward — is a